Every Girl

What is the Every Girl program?


Every Girl deserves to thrive.

Every Girl can be a Leader.

Every Girl can create Change.

Every Girl has Strengths.

Every Girl has Human Rights.

Every Girl has a Voice.


'Every Girl' is a national program that provides girls aged 10 to 13 with the opportunity to develop their own leadership identity in order to achieve societal transformation in a way that is relevant to their lives, whether this is with their family at home, their peers at school or within their broader community.

The program aims to create a respectful, age appropriate and culturally safe environment where they can explore and articulate their individual strengths and values. This assists them to reframe negative and unrealistic attitudes and perceptions of themselves into more positive and helpful perspectives, thus helping them to bolster their self-esteem. It also aids participants to better understand the community in which they live, thus expanding on their sense of belonging, their individual and collective ability to influence change and building their resilience.

Every Girl enhances girls’ understanding of human rights and aims to assist participants to find their personal voice. This is done by helping them to identify and communicate their views on a community issue. Then they are given an opportunity to develop and apply their problem solving and interpersonal skills through collectively planning and implementing a community project that aims to influence community change. The eight weekly modules engage various learning styles- arts, music, discussion and group activities- to ensure that all participants have an opportunity to utilise their strengths, are engaged and can thrive.

In summary the program assists participants to:

• Develop their individual leadership identity;
• Build on and identify their strengths thus bolstering their self-esteem;
• Better understand and feel more connected to their community thus building their resilience;
• Enhance their understanding of human rights and effectively communicate their views on a community issue;
• Develop and collectively plan and implement a community project that aims to influence community change.


“You have a voice and you can use it to change your community.”

“We are powerful, we are leaders.”

"Be true to yourself and don’t let other people get you down. Never stop believing or doubt that you can achieve anything."

“Every young woman is important to the community.”

- Every Girl participants 

Interested in the Every Girl program?

Every Girl is not operating at this time.  If you would like to keep up to date with any changes, please email YWCA Australia at: